The Hohenzollern princes, however, were well disposed towards the Church, hence these pretensions of the civil power were enforced much less rigorously in their principalities than in the Baden section of the archdiocese and other parts of the ecclesiastical province of the Upper Rhine. The suffragans of Freiburg are the Bishops of Fulda, Limburg, Mainz, and Rottenburg. Missions were again held, pilgrimages became more popular and a general revival of religious life took place. This scheme, however, aroused such energetic opposition, especially from Jodocus Lorichius, professor of theology and founder of the Collegium Pacis ( Burse zum Frieden) that it had to be laid aside. The most important works are: RIEGGER, Analecta academiæ Friburgensis (Freiburg, 1774 and 1779); IDEM, Imagines, Sigilla atque nonnulla alia monumenta Academiæ Friburgensis (Freiburg, 1778); SCHRIBER, Geschichte der Albert -Ludwigs-Universität (3 vols. Augustine with an academy in Offenburg and one branch (43 sisters); the Ursulines with an academy in Villingen and in Breisach (40 sisters); the Vincentian Sisters of Charity, including the mother-house in Freiburg, 151 convents (all in Baden), with 900 sisters; the Franciscan Sisters of Charity with mother-house at Gengenbach, 154 houses (all in Baden) and 727 sisters; the Sisters of Charity of the Holy Cross from Ingenbohl (Switzerland), mother-house in Hegne near Constanz, 134 houses and 728 sisters (3 convents, 20 sisters in Hohenzollern); the Sisters of Charity of St. Kirche im Grossherzogtum Baden (1891); MEYER, Der Orden d. The faculty of law, to which six regular professors were assigned in the sixteenth century, was long famous throughout Europe, thanks to Ulrich Zasius, the founder of modern political science. The city took advantage of the pecuniary embarrassment of its lords to purchase important rights and liberties. Mary s Home, for servant girls, with employment bureau; St. Among the famous Dominicans connected in some degree with Freiburg were Albert the Great and John of Freiburg, while Berthold the Black (der schwarze Berthold), the supposed inventor of gunpowder, was a member of the local Franciscanconvent. , its governmental independence), it paved the way for a more intimate connexion between the university and the government, and from this period dates the adoption of a more reasonable attitude by both parties. Hardly had the city recovered from these disasters, when Louis XIV began his predatory wars on Germany.

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For the churches of the archdiocese see KRAUS, Kunstdenkmäler d. My email address is webmaster at newadvent. Unfortunately the Kulturkampf, though originating in Prussia, was also felt in Hohenzollern, now part of the Prussian Kingdom, although the so-called May Laws and other persecuting enactments were not enforced there so strictly as in Prussia proper. The Regium Placet , or civil control of papal and episcopal decrees, was rigorously enforced. Valuable contributions are met with in the following periodicals: Zeitschrift der Gesellschaft, etc. Ecclesiastical approbation. As a rule the students lived with their professors in residences or boarding-houses (the so-called Bursen), of which there were seven at Freiburg, including the Alte Burse , the Domus Carthusiana , and the Collegium Sapientiæ freiburg single frauen. From Freiburg the Chapter of Augsburg chose two, and Vienna three of its prince-bishops; the Chapters of Constance, Augsburg, Basle, and Speyer many of their suffragans, and the University of Vienna one of its chancellors. der Stadt Freiburg (1882-83); KIEPERT, Freiburg in Wort und Bild (1889); POINSIGNON AND FLAMM, Geschichtliche Ortsbeschreibung der Stadt Freiburg (1891 and 1904); SCHÄFER, Das alte Freiburg (1895); Freiburg im Breisgau, die Stadt und ihre Bauten, published by the SOCIETY OF ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS of Baden (1898); BAUMGARTEN, Freiburg im Br. , 1898); MAAS, Gesch. General statistics relative to the Catholic associations of the archdiocese are lacking. Joseph from St. Du allein entscheidest, welche Daten andere Community-Mitglieder erhalten sollen.


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