php had the average household income in Langworthy risen by? What is happening to the proportion of vacant properties in Langworthy? What has happened to the physical environment in Langworthy? It has been improved. They now used lorries. What did the reduction in tax revenue mean for Salford Council? Less money to spend on keeping the area well maintained and on services for local people e. There are currently two main regeneration funds: But there are also a raft of other funding streams focused on specific activities that used kennenlernen 1. What did house prices in Salford fall to as low as? Why did homes in Salford fall into disrepair? People left behind in Salford tended to be on low incomes, often on single regeneration budget gcse geography, and could not afford to maintain their homes. Financial decline of Coastal Towns -- Blackpool Case Study You may look:. Why were buildings left empty and derelict? Businesses moved away to areas with better locations. Why was there a HouseSwap scheme in inner city Salford? Local people could remain in their communities whilst improvements were carried out. What area in Manchester had a single regeneration budget? How much money did Salford gain from the Single Regeneration Budget? How many new homes were built in Langworthy in partnership with Urban Splash? What are the new homes by Urban Splash in Langworthy replacing? Terraced houses that were all derelict and boarded up. What was the aim of Salford Quays redevelopment? Single Regeneration Budget Single regeneration budget gcse geography Urban regeneration is the attempt to reverse that decline by both improving the physical structure, and, more importantly and elusively, the economy of those areas. What is above average in Salford? How many people left Langworthy from ? What percentage of properties in Langworthy are vacant? What is an example of property-led regeneration single regeneration budget gcse geography Manchester? Who was the regeneration of Trafford Park set up by? Why was the property-led regeneration scheme set up in Trafford? To revitalise the industrial estate on the southern side of the Manchester Ship Canal. What does unemployment remain high at in Langworthy? What proportion of the adult population in Langworthy still have no qualifications? In terms of health, what percentage of the most deprived do the majority of Langworthy live in? What percentage of properties in Langworthy are still vacant? Who single herzberg elster Salford City Council work in conjunction with to transform the old docks on the Manchester ship canal? The central government, the EU, the national lottery and private development companies. Why was a community radio station set up in Salford? So that people have an opportunity to speak out about changes planned in the area and issues they face.

The Trafford Ecological Park was created. At Trafford Park, how much of derelict land was cleared and how single regeneration budget gcse geography industrial units and offices built? At Trafford Park, how much was spent on building new roads that were suitable for lorries? At Trafford Park, why was money spent marketing the area? To attract new businesses to single regeneration budget gcse geography area and ensure existing businesses like Kelloggs and Hovis stayed on the estate. In addition to cash, the government has also introduced a number of tax incentives to help regeneration. Crime, derelict housing and anti-social behaviour remained problems in Salford. How can top-down government programmes gain the backing and involvement of local people that is usually crucial to their success? Can flirten van mannen cash really stimulate local economies and create jobs? How can regeneration schemes prevent displacing problems from one area to another? The number of separate regeneration funding packages that have been launched and then dropped shows that these questions have still not been satisfactorily answered. What did many people in Salford suffer from? Health problems and it is difficult to recruit doctors to work in this area. Why were single regeneration budget gcse geography businesses unable to locate in Trafford? The buildings were so old that they were not suitable for modern industry e. Some years later programmes have tended to be quietly dropped or replaced. What did years of industry leave Trafford Park like? Terribly polluted by smoke, dumped waste and contaminated land. How was the estate environment regenerated at Trafford Park? Estate was landscaped - grass verges were created, trees were planted. help regeneration initiatives. What is Langworthy in Bloom in Salford? A community based project where local volunteers plant trees and hanging baskets for residents to hang outside their homes to make the streets look brighter and single regeneration budget gcse geography pride in the local area. What was a problem with many of the jobs created at Trafford Park? Many of the jobs which went to local people were poorly paid partnervermittlung europaweit.

Urban regeneration - the issue explained Upgrade click the following article remove ads. In Trafford Park, how much was spent on the creation single regeneration budget gcse geography each job? What did the Trafford UDC not tackle? Social problems that places kosten premium Salford were experiencing. A number of perennial questions remain about the effectiveness of regeneration schemes partnervermittlung europaweit. When the Salford docks decline where single regeneration budget gcse geography skilled workers move to? Out of Salford to places like Bury with мне singles sebnitz Ричард new Pilsbury Industrial Estate where jobs were available. What have the partnership scheme turned Salford Quays into? A leisure and tourist destination and an area of housing, industrial and office space. What is being done with Langworthy Park in inner city Salford? Improvements are being made. How was the UDC going to improve Trafford? By building new buildings or improving existing ones that businesses would want to move into. de/richtig-flirten-lernen-flirttipps-fuer-maenner. What types of refurbishment have hundreds of homes in inner city Salford? Double-glazing, new roofs and newly painted frontages to improve them. When did Salford docks go into decline? When did the Salford click to see more close? What did factories in the Salford docks do as a result of the docks decline? Factories in the area such as the steel mills and saw mills, which no longer needed docks, shut and moved to other locations. The main goal of the programme is to reduce disadvantages in the poorest areas by focusing on four issues: Other issues such as improvement to the physical environment are secondary to these main priorities. In all regeneration programmes, public money is used as an attempt to pump prime private investment into an area. .

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