So far, his company has built about 100 single freiberg.  Direct citizen participation is important especially in land use planning and energy investments. Besides this, there is a policy that any ticket for a concert, sports event, fair, or big conference also serves as a ticket for public transport. Freiburg’s administration has developed over 400 km of cycle paths single freiberg. As the roads were rebuilt, they were widened just enough for a tram track, not for more lanes of cars. But especially noteworthy as an economic model are grassroots financing schemes that allow concerned citizens to invest directly in renewable energy resources. One exciting new development is Concentrix’s creation of solar cells that double the efficiency of photovoltaics by using lenses to concentrate the solar radiation. Overcoming social obstacles. ), citizens invested over 6 million Euros in 9 windmills, 8 photovoltaic arrays (including the soccer stadium), 1 hydropower plant, and a major energy conservation retrofit project at the Staudinger public school. The two large-scale plants located near landfills use landfill gas as fuel. In fact, under the concept of “product responsibility,” manufacturers are required to collect and recycle or reuse their packaging after it is disposed of by consumers. , waste management), Freiburg is much like other German cities. Moreover, a “Black-Yellow Coalition” is currently in power at the national level. The planning authority for more windmills is now in the hands of a regional council (Regionalverband Südlicher Oberrhein). One of the projects is an existing biogas plant where badenova is adding a refinery to improve the quality of the gas by removing the high carbon dioxide content, making it equivalent to regular natural gas. The public transit network has been steadily expanded and modernized since 1972.

With 16. Overall the “environmental economy” employs nearly 10,000 people in 1,500 businesses, generating 500 million euros per year. The economic benefits are especially noticeable in the sectors of manufacturing, research and education, and tourism. 7% of the city’s electricity comes from locally generated, renewable resources. Gain knowledge in the exploration of natural resources, extraction processes, sustainable materials and recycling processes Develop novel technologies to evolve towards more economical, socially responsible and environment-friendly mining of the earth’s resources Develop a broad perspective of the whole value chain and its different aspects of management Find creative solutions for optimizing resource flows in collaboration with non-academic partners Contribute to assuring a sustainable supply of natural resources for future generationsPosted: January 2011 Long famous for its cathedral, university, and cuckoo clocks, Freiburg is now also famous as a “Green City. Pesticides are not used, and only indigenous tees and shrubs are planted. According to badenova literature, the 120,000 customers who selected “regiostrom basis”—a slightly more expensive, nuclear-free alternative to conventional power—receive half their electricity from hydropower plants in Switzerland and Austria, and half from CHP plants. The number is expected to increase, according to the new land use plan. In the new neighborhoods of Vauban and Rieselfeld, for example, the homes are four- to five-story apartment buildings instead of single-family houses, allowing for more green space. In the scope of the Solar University, which obtained the status of an elite university in 2007, an Interdisciplinary Centre for Renewable Energies and an international masters study course “Renewable Energy Management (M. Co-adaptation between social system and ecosystem. , p. Each household or apartment building is equipped with three bins: one for paper, one for organic food and garden wastes (the “bio-bin”), and one for non-recyclables (“rest-waste”). An important concomitant development is new district heating systems which can replace individual oil or gas burning furnaces. Confounding Freiburg’s plan for 10% renewables by 2010, the regional authority did not plan any new wind projects in the Freiburg municipality. The same year, badenova began work on three of five planned biogas projects in the region, using mainly corn silage and cow manure as the feedstock.

To improve energy efficiency in existing buildings, Freiburg instituted a support program for home insulation and energy retrofits. 4), Centres of private and public research investigating renewable energy resources, such as the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, function as a centre of gravity, around which hundreds of spin-off companies, service providers and organisations are based. A monthly ticket had previously cost 50 DM. On a smaller and more experimental scale, one apartment building in Vauban is equipped with vacuum toilets connected to a biogas digester; in 8 years of experience it seems to work satisfactorily. g. d. The Green Party promotes resource conservation and a shift to renewable energy. Strong democratic local institutions and enduring commitment of local leadership. This adds about 3% to the cost of the house, but the energy savings make it worthwhile in a short time. There are 350 of these in Freiburg. ” It excels in the areas of transportation, energy, waste management, and land conservation, and has created a green economy that perpetuates even more environmental progress. More recently, federal policies regarding waste management and renewable energy promoted Freiburg’s progress toward being a Green City. 8 euro-cents per kWh extra they pay goes to the regiostrom fund for developing more renewable energy. the Fraunhofer program for 9th and 10th graders) and outdoors (e. , phasing out nuclear power and promoting renewable energy). .

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